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Sixth Grade

St. Dominic 6th Grade with Mrs. Parrott






 Contact Information:

Phone- 217-316-4198
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Welcome to Mrs. Parrott’s Web Page! 

My name is Jamie Parrott and I teach 6th grade here at St. Dominic School.  I also teach 7th and 8th grade social studies and, for the first time, 7th grade religion.  I am especially eager to dive into the new Social Studies textbooks we purchased over the summer.

I graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in social work.  I eventually realized that education was my future, which led me to earn a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Quincy University.  I came to St. Dominic School in 2005 and have truly enjoyed my time in the classroom.

Outside of the classroom, my husband Jason and I have three dogs: Sunny, Sadie, and Howie.  I also have a classroom pet named Moses (a very old cockatiel).  My love of animals has led me to volunteer at the Quincy Humane Society for several years.

I will be communicating with parents about tests and projects via email.  In fact, you should have already received an email from me.  If not, please email me at so I can add you to my list.  Parents are also welcome to call me with any questions or concerns.  My phone number is 217-316-4198.           

I love teaching here at St. Dominic School and will continue to do what I can to provide students with the best education possible.  I look forward to helping your child grow into a successful Christian.

God Bless!

-Jamie Parrott

 The 6th and 7th grade students had a special guest speaker today. We were thrilled to have  Mr. "Doc" Preston, a local Storyteller, entertain us today.  I hope you enjoy the pictures, I know the kids enjoyed the stories!


6th Grade DARE Graduation! We are so proud of this class! Congratulations to all, especially McKenna, who is our essay winner!

Pig race at our PTO fundraiser assembly! 6th Grade Wins! We will be having the pizza party!
I arrived at school today to find this lovely piece of furniture in my classroom! It seems the Alzheimer's Association fundraiser found us! Hmmmm...who should I pass this beauty on to? The kids have had some good ideas!
 Pictures of the 2nd, 5th and 6th graders working in the school garden. Today we pulled weeds and planted radish seeds. Keep your fingers crossed for some rain this weekend to give our little seeds a good start! 

The 5th and 6th grade classes had two very special visitors in October.   Melody, from Paws Giving Independence, brought her service dog to give us a demonstration. Jake is in training to become a service dog for a visually impaired person. Melody has been training Jake for two years. Paws Giving Independence is a non-profit, volunteer organization based in Peoria IL.
5th and 6th grade field trip to Spring Valley Trails & Arboretum.

The 6th Grade field trip to the Quincy Humane Society. We took items donated by the 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes! Merry Christmas to all the animals!

Thank you, Mr. Klauser and the students of QND, for inviting the 6th Grade Class to QND. We made geometrical Christmas tree ornaments with Mr. Klauser's geometry class! What a great learning experience!

6th Grade Class Mission Statement

We, the students in Mrs. Parrott’s 6th grade class, pledge to be
the best Christians we can be.  To do this we will follow the 7 Covey Habits, gain as much knowledge as possible, respect those around us and always ask ourselves “What would Jesus do?”



(If you would like to donate any of the following items to our classroom, it would be greatly appreciated!)

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3 Ring Binders
30 Gallon Trash Can
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