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Below is an idea of what our fourth grade subjects entail.

Reading= I use both guided reading and novels in my class. I start out with a novel for the whole class and then alternate to guided reading and its strategies to build upon a more successful reader. Using the benchmark assessment guide as a tool, helps me better understand where a child would be stronger and more comfortable as a reader. I assess the students before starting a guided reading group in class. We work on many various reading strategies with the guided reading and novel studies. Examples include vocabulary and dictionary skills, context clues, inference, and sequencing just to name a few. The novel studies include various genres, also. We read fiction, nonfiction, historical fiction, and mysteries.

Spelling= We use a spelling book to guide us through spelling and writing. The units are theme based. For example, the first five weeks discuss the long and short vowel sounds in words. The units are made up of 20 basic words, 5 review words, and 5 challenge words. Besides the book, we play spelling games and use our spelling words in writing. The students complete 4 pages from their book within a week and take a final test on Friday.

English/Writing= Our English book is comprised of units on grammar and then units on writing. I complete the units on grammar (nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, and basic sentence structures) first. However, we are able to use these grammar items in our daily writing. The units on writing in the book include narrative, expository, and persuasive. I also include such writing techniques as poetry and creative storytelling. We use another tool to assist our writing program, the 6 traits of writing.

My English program includes a daily sheet including various grammar items such as correcting the sentences, finding the verb, underlining the predicate, and locating the subject of the sentence.

Religion= We attend mass every Wednesday morning as a school. Once every 6 or 7 weeks, our class will be responsible for planning the mass and readings for it. Our religion book is based off of the new Roman Missal and has themed based units. We discuss the 10 Commandments, 8 Beatitudes, 7 Sacraments, saints, and how we are to respect God, others, and our planet just to name a few. I ask the students to bring a rosary from home in order for us to pray a decade of the rosary in class daily. The students also become very familiar with the Bible since everyday they are required to look up a piece of scripture. Daily prayer and special intentions are included in our class. Once a week, our Director of Religious Education, Mrs. Bonnie Nytes, comes into the classroom and teaches a lesson. We feel blessed to have her available.

Math= Many items are covered in 4th grade math. We start out reviewing place value and move onto the basics of addition and subtraction. Then we head into the meaty substance: multiplication and division. Our main focus for these two areas is not only the basic facts, but to extend them into greater detail. We learn how to multiply 2,3,and 4 digit numbers by 1 and 2 digit numbers. We also learn long division including remainders. Our book helps guide us through this process; however, I include the smartboard, computer lab, and games to enhance the experience of learning. Our year ends with fractions, decimals, and geometry. I also have a daily sheet of math problems for the students to work on which includes all of these items.

Social Studies= The main focus for 4th grade is the United States! We learn about all 50 states and their capitals. Our book takes us on a tour through the regions of the US. We learn about the settlements, culture, agriculture, economies, and other interesting facts about the states within each region. I have the students complete projects that accompany each region, also. The students are responsible for learning the states and capitals in the regions and take a test on them. We play games to assist our knowledge in these areas, also. Included in my curriculum is a GROW sheet that the students are required to complete each week. GROW stands for Geography Review Of the World. The students must use their books to look up the answers. It requires map skills to complete the sheet.

Science= Our studies in science will include animals, the human body, earth science (weather, rocks, minerals, etc.), and physical science (electricity, matter, machines, etc.). I include projects and experiments in the curriculum to add enjoyment to the learning process.

Extras and Noteworthy Items:

We have PE twice a week, music class once a week, and computer class twice a week. The students get to enjoy recess twice a day, once in the morning and once after lunch. Art is taught in the classroom by me unless we should have a special guest artist.

Have a blessed day!

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