Second Grade

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Second Grade Page

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might!

Ecclesiastes 9:10

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for your patience as we get this year moving along. Each week we try to layer another procedure into the day.

In religion we are discussing how the Church welcomes everybody, baptism, and how the Church shows us how to live.

The students are learning the procedures of spelling. We examine our students spelling in all subject areas, especially in their writing. There are certain words that we expect all 2nd graders to get under their control by this time. These words are called memory words. The basic words are the new words we study each week. Our spelling pattern focus is on short e, short o, and short u patterns. The spelling Test will be on Thursday since there is no school on Friday!!!

The focus in math has been on reviewing skills the students have used in the past while adding a level of difficulty to those skills. This week we will spend our efforts on adding doubles, doubles plus one, and count ons, Thank you for the efforts you make to review these skills with your child through the homework and other opportunities you create to reinforce these important tasks. The students seem to have ‘forgotten’ their addition and subtraction facts. Please take time (I know you are busy.) to practice flash cards or other methods to review these facts. Only 3 pages of homework this week!!!

We have worked very hard to get writing up and running. The students are beginning to work on their first project of an ABC book. This project requires some creative thinking and being able to stretch sentences. We are also using our new language books. In it we are studying what makes a sentence and using capital letters and periods to write a sentence correctly.

I am testing a students this week for their level in guided reading. The students are learning the procedures of readers workshop. We will soon start working on guided reading books to learn the procedures. You will hear your 2nd grader talking about ways to think beyond the text and thinking about the text. We are also working on phonics and decoding skills to help get the words off the page and into our sentences.

In social studies the children will be learning about maps. We will begin to talk about the World map. We will also remember the tragedy of September 11th.

In Science we will be discussing the Solar System. We will be discussing rotation, orbits, and constellations. I am sending home a calendar for each family to use to watch a record the shape of the moon each night and when they see it. It is cool when the kids start realizing that they can see the moon in different places in the sky at night and during the day.

I think that’s it for now. As always, thanks for all you do for your child and their education.

Happy Labor Day weekend,

Mrs. Phillips