Supply List

Post date: Jul 17, 2017 12:42:30 PM

6 pocket folders – or 1 multifolder portfolio 1 scientific calculator

(Texas Instrument 30XA is best)

2 Erasermate pens (blue or black) 1 pair scissors

1 red ball point pen at all times

1 set markers

1 eraser 2 LARGE boxes Kleenex

1 small bottle Elmers school glue/glue stick 5 spiral notebooks 8x11

1 book bag 1 protractor

loose leaf paper at all times graph paper

1 composition notebook 1 ruler w/centimeters and standard marks

(if you don’t have one from previous year)

1 set colored pencils

3x5 note cards (at all times)

3 pencils (standard or mechanical) 1 box 16 count crayons

1 watercolor paint set 1 container of Clorox or baby wipes

5 large cloth book covers 1 one inch binder in white

Ear buds needed at all times

1 book of 20 postage stamps (Please send with oldest child in the school, 1 book per family.)