Upcoming Visitors

Post date: Jan 28, 2015 9:36:18 PM

Feb 2nd, we are welcoming several visitors to our classroom. 6th graders will be learning about car shopping from Brian Frye from Gem City Ford. 7th graders will be learning about mortgages from Mark Tyrpin and Billie Grawe of Merchantile. 8th graders will be learning about life insurance from Fred Witte of Country Insurance. Each grade will be researching the topics and creating presentations to share with their classmates. It is a great real world research project so we can flex our reading and critical thinking skills.

Feb 3rd, Carla Gordon will be visiting the 8th graders to share her parents and grandparents' memories and experiences during the Holocaust. The 8th graders will be starting The Diary of Anne Frank and researching other Holocaust topics in reading class.