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Mrs. Benner

We are" Soaring into the new year on Eagle's Wings!"

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Classroom Activities, Policies, and Procedures

Covey Habits: We will be working on the Covey Habits throughout the year. Everyday your child will be filling out a Leadership Notebook that tells how your child feels the day went for them. This will be sent home on Friday in their brown envelope. Quarter goals will also be in the notebook. The Third Graders will be asked to lead the daily assembly during the month of December.

Star of the Week: Each week a student will be picked to be the “Star”. He/She will be given special duties to perform throughout the week. The “Star” will be able to have Show and Tell everyday of their week if they want too. Pets may be brought in for a show and tell.

Friday Highlight Folders: Highlight folders will be sent home every Friday to let you know how your child’s week at school went. This folder needs to be signed and returned every Monday. There is space for your comments included on this form. This will begin the week of September 11th. A detailed explanation will be attached to the folder.

Classroom Discipline and Policies:

The Classroom Discipline is a clip system. Each student has a clothespin with his/her number on it. The student may move his/her clip up or down on the chart throughout the day. The chart from top to bottom is as follows: Outstanding,Great Job, Ready to Learn, Stop and Think, Teacher’s Choice, and Parent Contact. The students begin each day on Ready to Learn. This system allows students to see that positive choice and attitudes can make a day outstanding. It also allows a student who may make poor choices or have bad attitudes to turn their day around with positive attitudes and good choices.

Classroom rules are posted in the classroom. Good classroom behavior will be rewarded in the form of classroom parties. A letter will be earned for positive group behavior. These letters spell out the type of party earned by the class. These parties are planned by the class and will be no longer then one hour. If a student receives three Teacher’s Choices before the party is earned that student will not be able to participate in the classroom party.

Homework: Homework will be given on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Make up work and special projects may be given over the weekend. Please make sure your child has completed assignments written in his/her assignment book. Please stress neatness! If you can’t read it chances are I won’t be able to read it. Some assignments can be completed on the computer. Your child should be inputting the data. Be sure to sign the assignment page for each day. I will also post the homework on the RenWeb program. This should be a cross reference for you to see if your child is writing down his/her assignments accurately. The assignment notebooks are used to help your child develop a sense of responsibility for his/her assignments. It is also a step in developing good study habits.

The average time a third grader should be working on homework is thirty to forty five minutes. If an assignment is taking longer then this please let me know viaa note. I will go over it again with your child. It is good to get into a routine when doing homework. If the student finished his/her homework before the thirty minutes is up he/she can review basic Math facts, practice handwriting or read during the rest of the homework time.

Vacation Policy: My classroom vacation policy for vacations taken when school is in session is as follows: Vacations of 3 days or more, work will be waiting for the student on his/her return. Ample time will be given to complete missed assignments. If you are taking a 1 or 2 day vacation work can be organized prior to the vacation. Thank you for respecting this policy.

Reading Log: A reading log will be given to your child at the beginning of each month. This begins in September. He/She is to read a total of 200 minutes a month. (A note has been sent home concerning the guidelines for this assignment.) Once your child has completed this assignment he/she may turn in his/her reading log.

Activities to work on throughout the year:


Spelling Words

*Basic Math Facts (+, -, x, and division)

Encourage writing stories and reading

*Addition and Subtraction basic facts should be reviewed and mastered before the multiplication and division basic facts are reviewed.

**The above mentioned activities can be worked on every night. (Especially the Math basic facts)

Tests: Spelling Tests will be given every Friday. I will give advance notice to the students concerning any tests or quizzes. Tests or quizzes will not occur on Mondays. All tests with a grade of a “C’ or lower should be signed by the parent and returned. Each correct corrected answer will be given half the credit of the original question. This will be added onto the original final score for an adjusted score that will be recorded in my grade book.

Birthday Treats: Birthday treats will be given out on the day of your child’s birthday. We 19 have students in the class. Please make sure these treats are somewhat healthy. If you are providing a drink, I prefer fruit drinks over soda. If you do purchase soda please make it the smaller cans as a full can of soda is difficult for a third grader to finish.

Snacks: Your child may bring a small nutritious snack for the morning. This snack is something that can be eaten with little fuss or mess. No drinks as we have water if needed. Water bottles are allowed in the classroom all year long. If the water bottles become a distraction or hindrance to classroom learning I reserve the right to ask a child not to bring the water bottle back to class.

Thank you so much for your support in your child’s education and development. Together we can make this a year of growth for your child.

Mrs. Meg Benner

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