Post date: Oct 31, 2017 3:34:47 PM

Now that the cooler temperatures are here, some students are wanting to wear an extra layer in the classroom. Please adhere to the Quincy Catholic Schools dress code listed in the school handbook regarding style and colors allowed. Sweaters, sweater vests, crewneck sweatshirts, and fleece tops in the solid colors of red, white, blue, black, and forest/hunter green may be worn, provided they are worn over the regular school shirt and are not hooded. The official St. Dominic School sweatshirts (except for the hooded version) may also be worn in the classroom provided they are worn over a regular collared school shirt. Students bringing hooded sweaters/sweatshirts or those in colors other than those listed may only wear them outside at recess or for dismissal.

Also, socks are required. Socks must be a matching solid color with no patterns or designs. We appreciate your efforts to follow the Quincy Catholic Elementary Schools Dress Code.