Post date: Feb 5, 2018 2:26:06 PM

The system opened up on Wednesday but crashed due to the number of applicants who accessed the site. The application will NOT relaunch this week, and they are not sure when it will be up and running. We will be contacted with the problem is fixed.

When opened back up, applications will be processed through To be considered for a 2018-2019 scholarship, K-12 students must come from a household with income below 300 percent of the federal poverty level ($73,800 for a family of four). Prior to April 1, priority will be given to students from households below 185 percent of the federal poverty level ($45,510 for a family of four) or students who reside in a “focus district” (low-performing public schools.)

The following is a checklist of documents you will need:

    • A copy of your family’s 2016 federal tax return. If the family did not file a 2016 tax return, please contact us at
    • Proof of Illinois residency, such as: Current utility bill, Current driver license
    • Documentation of the student’s age, such as: A copy of the student’s birth certificate, Federal or State ID, or a passport
    • If available, a letter of acceptance or enrollment at an eligible, participating, non-public school.

For more information on applying for Invest in Kids scholarships, consult: