Post date: May 14, 2018 1:27:41 PM

The Big Prize Raffle ticket sales are steadily coming in. Only 2000 tickets will be sold, so please don’t hang on to those sold tickets. To qualify for the incentives, sold tickets must be received by June 8 and all ticket sales end June 12 at 4pm. For on-line sales, we are still working out a way to enter the seller name on the web, but all on-line ticket purchasers will have the opportunity to name a seller, including the tickets that have already been purchased. Continue to turn in Bingo Prizes, as this is a big attraction for the event. There are still plenty of opportunities to volunteer for Junefest, so please sign-up! Students are encouraged to take a turn working Kiddie Land. For a quick Link, go to the www.junefestbigprizeraffle.org. For those that earn incentives, there will be an “incentive booth” at Junefest, where you can collect your earnings! More to come on this, as well. Thanks for all the support!