Post date: Feb 20, 2018 4:26:13 PM

We will be participating once again in the School Mall Postcard Campaign, starting Tuesday, February 20th. The program, which is based on new and renewal magazine subscriptions, helps schools earn funds to purchase much needed equipment, materials, supplies, etc. Each student will receive a booklet of postcards and an explanation letter in an envelope with the words “ATTENTION PARENTS” across the top. We ask you to complete all postcards in the booklets with names and addresses of family and friends and return them to school by Friday. Students with completed packets receive a prize and have their names placed in a drawing for a Minion “Kevin” Robot, which will be held at the end of the week. Our School receives $2.25 per completed booklet and 50% on all paid orders. We will receive a $150.00 bonus if we return at least 72 completed postcards. Students also have an opportunity to receive an Emoji T-shirt. It is an easy way to earn funds for our school with very little work on our part. Please help us by complaining the postcards and returning them to school. Thank you so much!