Gene Grawe Fund

Gene Grawe Fund, Inc.

The Gene Grawe Fund, Inc. is a local, non-profit organization established to help families of Quincy Catholic school students earn funds to offset some of the cost of tuition at Quincy’s four Catholic elementary schools as well as Quincy Notre Dame High School. Since 2005, the Gene Grawe Fund (GGF) has awarded over $1.7 million in tuition assistance with over $280,000 being awarded for the 2018-19 school year alone.

Families and friends purchase gift cards from the GGF for merchants who have agreed to rebate a small percentage of the gift card sale back to the GGF for tuition assistance. For example, the GGF will purchase a $100 gift card from a local grocery store for $95. You, in-turn, buy that card from the GGF for $100 and then use it to purchase $100 worth of groceries for your family. You received everything you paid for, the grocer records a $5 charity donation, and the GGF now has $5 to award as tuition assistance.

Through its gift card sales store in St. Peter's Church lobby at 2600 Maine St in Quincy and through an affiliated website,, the Gene Grawe Fund sells gift cards from over 700 local, national, and online merchants representing nearly the entire spectrum of consumer goods and services. There's not much you can't pay for with GGF gift cards.

Interested parents may contact the principal at St. Dominic School, Mrs. Carol Frericks, or the school secretary, Mrs. Carol Healy at school at 217-224-0041. You may also contact the Gene Grawe Fund store by phone 217-214-0169, email or visit their website at