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St. Dominic School is a dedicated Catholic school community promoting spiritual growth and academic excellence, while challenging students to use their talents to lead and serve.


average classroom student to teacher ratio

↑ 17%

enrollment increase of K-8 students for 2021-22


net retention rate of K-8 students for 2021-22


of students on Honor Roll list for 1st Quarter 2021-22 school year

8th Grade

students exceed Catholic Identity Standards in moral formation, prayer, missionary spirit, and liturgical life


holy moment mornings

Holy Moment Mornings

Music and Fine Arts

Music & Fine Arts

sport athletics

Athletics & Sports


Service & Faith Formation


Student Buddy Program





The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits

Family Spotlight

Fischer Family

"St. Dominic’s has always made us feel like a true family...very welcoming and so much to get involved in. We are on a few committees at St. Dominic’s and St. Anthony’s which is so rewarding and allows us to get to know other families. Our kids also love being part of the St. Dominic School family!"

- Kurt & Ashley Fischer

Carper Family

"Computer Instruction/Technology at St. Dominic is second to none. All grades are given a variety of engaging, fun and interesting methods of learning computer skills, and our technology is consistently being upgraded to meet the demands of current trends in education."

- Amy Carper

Smith Family

"Faith formation is a huge part of a child's experience at St. Dominic School. Our children are formed into disciples of Christ by the most amazing faith-filled teachers starting in preschool and continuing through 8th grade."

- Todd & Tera Smith

Venvertloh Family

"The Before & After School Care program has been very beneficial for our family. I am able to take the kids to school on my way to work, and they have a place to land until one of us can pick them up. They receive excellent care in a safe, positive and Christian environment."

- Brooke Venvertloh

Felt at home - Frazier

"The first time I walked into St. Dominic for pre-school orientation, it just felt right. We were greeted by a staff who you could tell loved their jobs and we instantly felt at home."

- Erin Frazier

Weiman family

"St. Dominic is such a faith, family-centered school. Adam and I feel that not only are our boys getting the highest education possible, but they are growing in their faith and are surrounded with hard-working families."

- Kelly Weiman

Klauser family

"In the wake of the unforeseen Covid-19 shelter-in-place order, the faculty and staff at St. Dominic School worked quickly and tirelessly to make the rapid transition from schoolroom learning to distance learning a huge - and flawless - success."

- Katie Klauser

Lacey Roberts

"As I get ready to enter my first year of optometry school, I feel confident due to the solid foundation I received as part of the St. Dominic School family. I was given a great education, taught valuable life skills and built relationships, all which will help me be successful in future endeavors."

- Lacey Roberts