Gene Grawe Fund

The tuition awards are participation-based. A student and their family must participate in the Gene Grawe Fund to be eligible to share in the tuition awards. The degree to which a student's family, extended family, and friends participate in the Fund, will determine the dollar amount of the tuition award that student receives. Simply put, the more Gene Grawe Fund gift cards that are purchased in a student's name, the more tuition money that student receives.

The Gene Grawe Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created in 2005 for the purpose of assisting families, Catholic or otherwise, with the financial costs of pursuing a Catholic elementary and secondary education. It does this by sponsoring a scrip sales program. "Scrip" refers to the gift cards from participating retailers who have agreed to rebate a small percentage of the gift card sales back to the Gene Grawe Fund for later distribution as tuition assistance for students participating in the Fund.