Why did God make Me?
Kindergarten and 8th Grade Students will be making buddies soon.
Handbook cover
Back-to-School Bash
Welcome Back To School!
St. Dominic School Piano Recital at St. Anthony Church
Avi Price tells why she loves St. Dominic School.
This Independence Day, we're reaching out to say the best things in life are FREE ... Just like God's love for you!
Dedicating A Place for Grace
Kindergarten Class of 2020-2021
Celebrating Accomplishments  - Aubrey Wellman won National War Veteran Essay Contest
Come Join Us for 2021 St. Dominic Junefest
Alumni Newsletter 2021 - St. Dominic & St. Anthony
Graduation of the Class 0f 2021
Kindergarten Holy Hero is St. Nicholas
Kindergarten Class Leads and Serves
Student-Athletes for 2020-2021
First Grade Service Project
During the month of April, our first-grade class along with their teacher, Mrs. Molly Stroot, have been leading our daily morning meetings and teaching our entire school about the gentleness of St. Francis of Assisi.
Gene Grawe Fund