Joy at School ❤️
1 day ago, Molly Stroot
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When the teacher becomes the student and the student becomes the teacher,
2 days ago, Donna Richmiller
When the teacher becomes the student and the student becomes the teacher. Thank you so much for talking to my class on Vocations Parker!!!
God always hears us
2 days ago, St. Dominic School
God always hears us
Our worm Fred needs a life jacket. It’s harder than it looks.
3 days ago, Donna Richmiller
Students teaching students!
3 days ago, Meg Benner
Math class!
Disciples of Christ do what God call us to do. Our 5th grade class invited our school to wear red to Mass today in memory of Grace. #BeLikeGrace#HolyMomentsHappenEveryDay
4 days ago, Carol Frericks
Saint Dominic School wears red to Mass in memory of Grace. #BeLikeGrace
The 5th graders showing kindness by remembering Grace at our Mass this morning. #BeLikeGrace
4 days ago, Joann Ellerman
The 5th grade Holy Moments Mass will take place this Saturday, January 16th at 6:30pm.
4 days ago, St. Dominic School
Holy Moments Mass
A literacy grant from Altrusa International, District 6 of the Quincy Area, provides funds for STARFALL, an online curriculum that integrates early literacy, phonics, vocabulary, science, math and more. Our pre-school students just know that it is fun!
5 days ago, Nan Wood
Preschool student with Starfall
Kindergarten students learn how to sort cubes, spheres, cylinders and other shapes in Computer Class.
5 days ago, Nan Wood
Kindergarten in computers
Preschool students LOVE computer class!
5 days ago, Nan Wood
Student in front of computer screen
Second Graders designed their own musical drums for a Music STEAM project.
5 days ago, Nan Wood
Second Graders Drum Stem Project
Happy 2021 From these SWEET 1st Graders! 🥳❤️
8 days ago, Molly Stroot
Bringing in the New Year! 🥰
Happy New Year! 👏🏻🥳
Christmas Show and Tell in 1st grade was thrilling and exciting!!
8 days ago, Molly Stroot
It’s a sprayer! Brady was super proud!
So fun!!
We were enthralled!
4th graders learned about symmetry by making paper snowflakes.
8 days ago, Katie ONeal
snowflake with child holding it up
Shaving cream hot cocoa
9 days ago, Leah Waters
shaving cream and hot cocoa at least we smell good
Have the same attitude as Jesus!
9 days ago, St. Dominic School
Be like Jesus
Day one of diving deep into the Eucharist in 7th grade. Check out the Presence series on Formed and learn with us!
9 days ago, Hope Glidewell
Electrical genius’s
10 days ago, Donna Richmiller
Happy just to see the bulb light up🙃
Holy Families
10 days ago, Leah Waters
Holy Families