Please enjoy a pizza tonight and help our wonderful school!!!! Bring your slip or give it to the driver filled out or show this picture!!!! Thank you so very much!!! ❤️💕❤️💕🌹🌹
15 days ago, Molly Stroot
More Buddy pictures!
15 days ago, Meg Benner
buddies 4
buddies 3
buddies 2
placemats 1
Our Thanksgiving teepee with our Buddies! How thankful I am for these wonderful students!
15 days ago, Meg Benner
teepee 4
Teepee 3
working 2
Mr. Rich Rakers shared his love of the rosary with us and we got to make special rosaries today. Mr. & Mrs. Rakers have dedicated over ten years to making and sharing rosaries all over the world through the missionaries.
16 days ago, Katie ONeal
November 17, 2021
16 days ago, St. Dominic School
Nov. 17 2021
We are thankful to Arts Quincy for a grant to have hands-on art lessons with Becky Hoskins this week.
17 days ago, Katie ONeal
pick up trucks
November 18th!!! Please help our amazing school!!! And no dishes! 💕💕💕💕
17 days ago, Molly Stroot
Pizza, Oreos, 7 Up, Around the World, Math Race, Fruit Drinks, Thanksgiving Short Video….ALL on our “Being Bad Day” (after school!)! SOOO FUN!!! 1st Graders Rule!!! 🔥🔥
20 days ago, Molly Stroot
Being Bad Day!!
4th grade enjoyed doing paper mache today with Mrs. & Mr. O'Neal
21 days ago, Katie ONeal
Did you know?...
21 days ago, St. Dominic School
did you know
St. Dominic School honored our Veterans today with a Veteran’s Day Program led by our amazing Music teacher, Mrs. Nan Wood. Veterans are our heroes! God bless America!
21 days ago, Carol Frericks
6th grade percussion performance
Mrs. Nan Wood, our amazing Music teacher
Veterans Day Program
God Bless America
We painted rocks for World Kindness Day!!!! Share Kindness!! ❤️💕❤️💕
22 days ago, Molly Stroot
World Happiness Day!!
4th grade and PreK are finishing up our boxes for Operation Shoebox. We are happy to be sharing the love of Christ throughout the world.
23 days ago, Katie ONeal
operation shoebox
Veterans Day Program 2021
23 days ago, St. Dominic School
veterans day program
Three months spent taming Frankie paid off today! We’re so glad he’s part of our class!!
24 days ago, Hope Glidewell
Meghan holding Frankie
4th and PreK Buddies making rocks for World Kindness Day on Saturday.
24 days ago, Katie ONeal
November 9, 2021
24 days ago, St. Dominic School
nov 9 2021
Join us at the Turkey Dinner on November 14th!
26 days ago, St. Dominic School
turkey dinner
4th grade is enjoying learning about fossils and different ways they form.
30 days ago, Katie ONeal
8th and kindergarten practice shoe tying.
30 days ago, Katie ONeal